Top-Secret Facts about Steam Cleaning Tiles

Steam cleaning tiles is a laborious and lengthy task; one that requires expertise, patience and a lot of experience to make sure that they are restored to their previous shine and glory. Most traditional methods use many chemicals to clean tiles, but that can be terribly affect your and your family’s health, as well as the longevity of tiles. The method of steam cleaning is the easiest, most efficient and eco-friendliest of ways to clean tiles without any adverse effects.

Cleaning grout can be terribly complicated and difficult, because it is a porous surface. It easily collects grime, dirt, dust and spills that discolor its surface. Regular cleaning and mopping cannot help you get rid of this discoloration and can reduce the luster of the floor. The professional cleaners at On Time Steam Cleaning’s Tile Cleaning Service are well equipped and trained to bring your tiled floors back to life by applying specialized techniques for steam cleaning tiles.

Why Is It Necessary To Steam Clean Tiles?

If you have not yet given steam cleaning a thought, then here are some reasons, which will prompt you to do so!

  • Steam cleaning is one of the most effective and environment-friendly ways to clean your tiles. It works by applying extreme pressure and heat to release the grime and accumulated debris from the grout and the tile surface, which is quite difficult to clean with conventional methods and store-bought cleaning products.
  • Steam cleaning is a healthier method to disinfect your tiles, eliminate any germs, bacteria, and grime hiding in the corners and crevices. The dry steam allows the cleaning technicians to clean the tiles with a pressure washing to sanitize them and to remove any microorganisms and impurities, thus promoting a healthy and hygienic environment.
  • Steam cleaning is less abrasive than chemical products, which are usually acid-based. They can be quite harsh for the floors and can slide deep into the plaster to damage the foundation and wearing out the material of the tiles rapidly, causing a lot of damage.

How to Steam Clean Tiles

Removing sticky residue and grime can be a tricky business, but professional cleaners at On Time Steam Cleaning’s Tile Cleaning Service rely on their tried and tested steaming methods to get rid of them and to make the ceramic tiles shine and sparkle. Traditional cleaners and bleach often leave an unsightly residue behind, which can be easily eliminated by using high-pressure steam cleaning methods that will not only clean the tiles and bring out their original pattern but will also disinfect them, without introducing any harsh chemicals into the foundation.

Steam cleaning is the safest way to clean tiles that will protect your children, pets and family from the harmful residue and fumes of chemicals that are often used in traditional cleaning methods. If you are wondering how our cleaning technicians at On Time Steam Cleaning’s Tile Cleaning Service steam clean tiles, here is a brief overview of the cleaning process.

  1. It is important to remember that the water in steam cleaning equipment can heat up to a high temperature, which helps to blast away any dirt, stain or mold. Cleaning them with water or a regular mop is impossible.
  2. Most of the cleaning products are unable to clean dirt and mold from complicated cracks and crevices. But this is easily achievable through the steam cleaning process. Our trained technicians evaluate the best cleaning products for steam cleaning your tile floors after a careful examination.
  3. Our cleaners start the cleaning process by sweeping the floor with a simple mop or broom to get rid of any dust or larger items and debris.
  4. The tiles are then wiped down to get rid of any cobwebs that can sometimes accumulate in the corners.
  5. The steam cleaning machine and equipment is carefully prepared and checked for safety before its application.
  6. The steam cleaner is plugged into an electricity socket and the handle is squeezed or pumped to start the cleaning process, while moving the cleaning attachment across the floor. Our experts are careful not to miss any part of the floor, including hard reaching surfaces and corners. To ensure a uniform cleaning process, they tackle the tiles a few square feet at a time.
  7. The steaming attachment is moved back and forth until the tiles begin to lose their grimy appearance and are enlivened with a sparkling new finish. The ground-in dirt, which can build up over time or can become trapped in the pores, your grout, or tile corners, can be removed easily through a deep cleaning method.
  8. Shower floors, kitchen floors and other tiled floors of the house can be conveniently cleaned by the specialized steam cleaning method and a high-pressure rinse, a method mastered by the cleaning technicians at the On Time Steam Cleaning’s Tile Cleaning Service.
  9. The steamed floor is allowed to dry and is then wiped with a microfiber cloth.
  10. The last step is to apply a protective sealant on top of the tiles to ensure that they retain the sparkle and shine for a long time. The sealant will also protect the tiles from any mildew or staining. If specified, cleaning experts will also apply grout color sealant in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom floors or any other tiles to protect them from stains and discoloration.

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