Why Air Duct Cleaning is More Important than You Think

We all must admit that duct cleaning is the one task that we always forget about. They are not a pile of dust and grub like the carpet or the drapes. Most homeowners don’t even deem it important for them to be cleaned. However, what they don’t know is that by not cleaning ducts, they are depriving the entire household of health benefits and may even be worsening some people’s condition. Did you know that by cleaning your vent, you are lowering the pressure on your air system and therefore, are extending not just the life of the system but the numbers on your energy bill? A proper air duct system is a serious investment in your house. By ignoring its maintenance, you are letting it pose serious health hazards to the entire family. Here is why the timely and thorough cleaning of the air duct system is so important.  

Air Quality Inside

Vent and duct cleaning is linked with the maintenance of air quality inside the house. The pollutants that enter your house are not able to get out because there is no adequate or clean ventilation system. In a modern house, you will see increased insulation in windows and doors which lowers the amount of air transfer from the outside to the inside of the house and vice versa. You probably employed them to reduce energy costs and for it to be more comfortable indoors as the season changes but a clogged air duct may be making things worse for you. You are left inhaling what you exhale.

Regular Air Duct Cleaning

You are already thinking about the normal accumulation of dirt and dust in homes which air ducts get rid of but you have not been thinking about the several other factors that contribute to the smooth working of an air duct system. If you have pets in the house, you should look up a professional cleaning service if people around the house suffer from allergies or conditions like Asthma. Unclean air ducts may make things worse for them. You are risking damage to the entire duct system and even risking water contamination.  

Many occupants inside the house are a lot sensitive to these contaminants than others. Asthma and allergies in children and adults make them susceptible to bad indoor air quality, things that air duct cleaning addresses.

Saving Energy

The United States Department of Energy says that around 25-40% of energy in a house is wasted; this is the same energy that you use for cooking and heating. The reason behind this is that prevalent contaminants in the cooling or air duct systems work harder and thus, results in the shortening of the life of your system. Even though you are using filters, the cooling and heating system is constantly catching dirt every minute. When your air duct is freshly cleaned, the system is not under that kind of strain and therefore, makes use of less energy and results in lower utility bills.

The Risks if You Overlook Air Duct Cleaning

  • Ducts get clogged with debris and dust that everyone inside the house may inhale.
  • Insects and rodents may infest the air duct.
  • If you do not clean your air duct system for some time, mold can grow inside the hard surface of the metal or the components attached to it. The unfortunate thing about this is that it is difficult to detect mold and usually requires a lab confirmation. On top of that, insulated air ducts are not cleaned; rather, they are replaced.

When choosing air duct cleaning services, you will come across many that will tell you how they go about the procedure of cleaning the air duct. Typically, you will find out that most professional cleaning services make use of chemical biocides and sealants on the air duct system to maintain cleanliness. You will be left weighing the pros and cons of having heavy chemicals in the air duct system or the contaminants that these chemicals destroy.

The good news is that there is another solution; you can always go for On Time Cleaning NY. The professional cleaning service makes use of Green methods that ensure environmental safety and minimize the use of chemical solvents and agents that would turn into fumes and run the risk of being inhaled by children and other family members in the house. The service offers free inspection to determine how much work needs to be done in the cleaning job and whether any component needs to be replaced, especially if you have ignored air duct cleaning for a while now.   


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