Wool Area Rug Cleaning – Protecting a Lofty Investment

///Wool Area Rug Cleaning – Protecting a Lofty Investment

Wool Area Rug Cleaning – Protecting a Lofty Investment

Wool area rugs accentuate the beauty of the rooms of your house. Sure you have lavishly spent on the magnificent rugs, but the aesthetics of the house has increased tenfold – an incredible bargain indeed. However, it doesn’t end at spending exorbitant sums on procuring the carpet. You will also have to take extreme care of your hefty investment.

You cannot prevent dust, grime and occasional spillages from occurring, that is part and parcel of everyday life. The one thing that you can do is taking care of the expensive wool area rug. Here is what you need to know about wool area rug cleaning:

Dust the Loose Dirt Particles outside the House

Fold the area rug and take it outside the home and dust off the loose grime in open space. Make sure that you face is covered so that dirt does not enter inside your body. Also ascertain that the rug is not wet when you are doing shaking off the dust or else – it will only cause harm to the rug by allowing more dirt particles to cling to the fibers of the damp wool. If it is possible, then hang the wool and the beat it with a broom to clean it.

Vacuuming – the Surefire Way of Keeping the Wool Area Rug Clean

Area rugs accumulate more dirt and grime than you can imagine as these rugs are placed at high traffic zones. This grime and debris can damage the woolen rug. Therefore, this dirt ought to removed regularly buy a high quality vacuum cleaner. You may observe the excessive wool from shedding off while vacuuming but do not be afraid – this is normal and will continue to happen for the initial few years of the area rug’s lifetime. The rugs will now have a nebulous appearance though which would require you to clean the rug more than once in a week. Here are some basic tips for vacuuming the wool area rugs:

  • Move the vacuum in a “V” trail. This alternating path will prevent the fibers of the rug from being crushed.
  • Ensure that the beater bar is in constant rotating motion every time you vacuum and the brushes should only touch the rug lightly. This will clean the area rug without damaging the woolen fibers.
  • The vacuum bag should be emptied each time prior to the vacuuming procedure to have the greatest suction.
  • Vacuum from the backside too.
  • The height of the vacuum should be high or else the rug may get damaged because of agitation.

Cleaning agents – To use or not to use?

You must never use dry powder cleaners or oxy cleaning agents on the wool area rugs. The reason why dry cleaners should be avoided is pilling. The loosening of the woolen fibers – piling causes the strands to ball up. Besides, these leave a residue behind that cannot be removed.

Same fate befalls on the wool rugs if oxy cleaners (Oxygen based cleaners) are used but in addition, the precious rugs may further undergo discoloration. These rugs ought to be protected from excessive heat and extreme care must be taken while cleaning.

Also the household cleaning products, bleach and alkaline cleaners (soda ash) should be kept miles away from these rugs.

You wouldn’t want to forfeit thousands of dollars on rug repair, would you? It would not be economical. So what can be used to a wool area rug, you might wonder. Only neutral detergents should be used.

Acquire Professional Cleaning Services for High End Wool Area Rugs

At least once a year, the wool area rugs should go through a rigorous cleaning process to get rid of the dust, grime nestling deep inside the rugs that are beyond the reach of the vacuum cleaners. Following this practice will elongate the life of the wool area rug and give it a brilliant and like-new appearance. Generally for Oriental and Persian and other area rugs made up of wool, it is not preferable to clean them at home. This is because the wool fibers are supposed to be dealt with delicately and cleaning them is complicated. Also, since the wool rugs absorb more water than synthetic rugs, they are not easy to maneuver due to heaviness. Most of the available rug cleaners available today are too alkaline which might cause browning of the rugs.

Professional cleaning is the only complete solution for the annual carpet cleaning. So if you are looking for expert area rug cleaners in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, On Time Steam Cleaning will facilitate you with high quality services. The rugs are examined carefully to examine the type and efficiently cleaned accordingly. The budget for this customized one of a kind professional cleaning service can be acquired over the phone or site visit. Call today at 1-888-512-2055 and talk to a specialist.


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